What To Eat For Healthy, Sexy, Beautiful Hair

July 27, 2009

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When everything goes as they should, when life is good and worries are a thing of the past, when happiness is not just available in movies but in real life you look stunning, and not just you, your hair looks grate also. By keeping a healthy life style complimented by a healthy diet which ensures the necessary vitamins and minerals your hair will always dazzle those around you.

A healthy diet and life style is a must and everybody knows this. But did you know that when you start eating unhealthy every day, when you are too stressed and too tired, when you are unhappy or unsatisfied with your life or daily routine your hair is the first to raise the alarm? This is because all the healthy nutrients necessary for beautiful hair are now in short supply.

The body automatically redirects all necessary nutrients to the important organs in the body such as the liver, brain to name a few. And the results show. You will have less hair growth, split ends and it will be dried and plain looking


How can you prevent such a catastrophe? Easy, you just need to follow a well balanced diet rich in zinc, iron and vitamin B. You’ll have to eat more fruit, fresh and dried, vegetables but also aliments rich in protein.

Hair related problems: Hair needs time to grow, and results or problems can ne identified usually between 1 and 3 months. You should be aware that no quantity of fresh fruit or vegetables can repair hair that has been constantly abused and damaged by chemicals such as dyes.

Also, greasy hair is usually related to the genes you inherit but if your hair suddenly becomes greasier then you should pay more attention to what you eat. Foods that make your skin sweat also make your scalp produce more grease resulting in greasier hair. But if your hair shows signs of excessive dryness then eat more nuts, hazelnuts, seeds and fatty fish such as tuna(rich in omega 3).

Your hair has the same length even after 3 months? Then you need more vitamin B. If your body does not receive sufficient vitamins and minerals, your hair will be the first to trigger the alarm and suffer for it. Eating less but more often but also snacking in between meals ensures a healthier life and healthier hair.

Your hair strands are too thin? This is usually related to a lack of iron in your diet, especially if you are a vegetarian. A normal person needs about 14.8 mg or iron daily. If you ensure a healthy intake of iron daily for 3 months with no results then you should schedule a meeting with a dermatologist.

If you notice the constant apparition of white strands near your temples know that it is usually to a lack of vitamin B. Stress is known to destroy vitamin B and cause the premature apparition of white hair. Studies show that healthier intakes of vitamin B slowed the rate at which your hair grows old and white.

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