Healthy Snacks That Don’t Fatten You Up

July 27, 2009

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Yes, it is possible to eat several times a day and not get fat. Just read the guide for the wisest tips about what to snack on and you will never have to go hungry again

Usually a normal person needs about 2250 calories a day, let’s say 1700 if on a diet. These calories should be obtained from foods rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers. So no more chips, chocolate or any other sweets. But no one said that you aren’t allowed to snack , especially if you know how to respect the snacking rules for losing weight or keeping fit.

Snacking rules

They are not strict nor do they have miraculous results but if you can follow them you will feel healthier, more energetic and fresh. It is important that you eat as little as possible but often. When you eat pay close attention to how your body reacts.

Never stuff yourself or allow yourself to feel full, but don’t stop if your stomach is still empty and you are hungry. Remember to eat just so that you don’t feel physically hungry. This way you’ll receive the energy necessary daily and thus eliminating tiredness and lack of concentration. Also this diet is recommended for people who suffer from digestive problems or who have problems digesting heavy full course meals. This way you can safely enjoy a snack every 3 hours: one slice of bread with one slice of cheese, a fresh salad, one fruit or one yogurt.

If you notice a slight weight gain because of snacking, then it is because of what you chose to eat. In this situation, or for better results in general you should diversify your diet as much as possible. If possible, every 2 weeks you should eat at least once one of these: ocean fish, chicken meat, beef, pork, mushrooms, soy beans or tofu, soups, grills, salads, fresh fruits, cereals, whole grain bakery products etc. The more divers the menu the better.

Drink plenty of liquids daily, but don’t force yourself, only drink when you are thirsty. Also eat less salt, especially in the summertime, but don’t exclude it from your diet. Salt contains sodium which retains fluids and thus causes high blood pressure and loss of calcium. For a better intake of calcium and vitamin C, after every meal drink one glass of mineral water with a fresh squeeze of lemon.


Homemade popcorn has a low sugar and salt content and is a healthy source of fiber. And because you eat them slowly, you get full easier and with less.

Fresh uncooked vegetables such as corn and tomatoes. They are light and have a high content of vitamins, minerals and fibers. Oranges and carrots help keeps a clean and healthy skin and are good for eye sight and eye health. Also they act against and prevent cancer, heart and eye diseases. Broccoli is rich in calcium and magnesium and specialists claim that they reduce the effects of PMS and menstrual pains.

Low fat yogurt is both yummy, nourishing and is rich in calcium. Lack of calcium leads to osteoporosis especially in women.

Fruits both fresh and dried contain antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which strengthen the immune system and help eliminate the free radicals. This in turn keeps you looking and feeling young.

Rice cakes are the best. They are low fat with just 0.3g and 43 calories.

Milk based drinks are both healthy and delicious. A warm cup of milk or freshly home made milkshake provide the necessary calcium needed daily. If you mish chocolate you can always enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate from time to time.

Eggs contain iron, vitamin B and important minerals. The yolk contains chromium which helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

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