Practicing yoga can help you live a healthier life

May 21, 2009

Exercise & Fitness

I am sure you have heard of Yoga. Millions of people have integrated yoga in their lifestyle. Yoga helps them keep in shape physically and mentally at the same time. Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years, around 5000 years, having its origin in what is today India. The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit work Yuj that means union.

The purpose of yoga is to achieve balance between mind, body and soul. Today the practice of yoga is associated with the practice of some weird position, the so called asans (physical exercises through which you gather energy) whose purpose is that of shaping the body. Through the control of respiration and meditation in different positions, yoga induces a state of relaxation and helps you eliminate the daily stress.


From all the forms of yoga existing in the world, Hatha-Yoga is the most common one. Hatha-Yoga can be practiced by everyone and is especially recommend for beginner practitioners of yoga. While practicing Hatha-yoga you start with the basic exercise, then you learn respiration techniques and at the end you will master the concentration techniques.

Besides the main purpose of yoga, that of achieving a better understanding of yourself, it is said that yoga can also help you cure some health problems like insomnia, anxiety, back pain and epilepsy.


By practicing yoga you will gain a balanced and flexible body, a lower blood pressure and the elimination of stress, depression and emotional instability. All these health benefits of yoga make it the ideal workout to be practiced for your whole life. Yoga isn’t just a workout it is a lifestyle that you must embrace with all your heart and you won’t be disappointed.

If you choose to master the yoga teachings I wish you luck in becoming a grandmaster of yoga.

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