5 Moves To Blast Away Belly Fat

April 8, 2013


Gaining in popularity and replacing more traditional abdominal workouts, the plank is a move practically anyone can do that will activate the ab muscles and give you a good, solid workout in a fraction of the time. Simply take up the position like you are going to do a push up. With your toes on the ground, lower your hands to where you are resting on your forearms. Hold for 10-60 second increments.

Leg Lifts
These seem like moves more apt to sculpt the butt and thighs but they give the belly a heavy duty workout in no time flat. In order to do an effective leg lift, you need to lie flat on your back. From there, take an exercise ball and hold it between your ankles or calves. With the ball secured, lift your legs in unison as high as they can go. When lowering, do not let your heels touch the floor.

Ab CrunchCrunch
Long gone are the days of the sit up. A crunch does just as much fat burning and muscle building as a sit up without the pressure on your back. To do a proper crunch, set yourself up in the sit up position. Keep your hands behind your head and lift your shoulders from the floor, just enough to engage the ab muscles. Hold for a five count and then release.

We are not talking about the stationary bicycle itself, but this belly blasting workout move just mimics the motion of riding a bike by using your leg muscles. This move not only targets the abs but the tough to reach obliques as well. Lay flat on your back with your hands behind your head. From there, lift your knee to your chest. Alternating your legs, then mimic the motion of pedaling a bicycle.

One of the more complicated moves, the walkout will also give you some of the best results when it comes to blasting belly fat all over. In order to do a successful walkout, you will need to lower yourself down to the push up position. From there, you simply walk your hands forward as far as you can. When you get to the edge of your reach, walk your hands back to the push up position. If you need to add difficulty to this move, try lifting one of your legs straight behind you and alternating between sets.

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