How To Lose Weight From Under The Arms and Around The Triceps

Having well toned, defined arms and triceps is a grand goal to have. Unfortunately getting them is harder than wishing for them. But here is a short guide to get you there.

First of all get out of your head the idea of spot reduction. It doesn’t work. You can’t lose weight only from a certain part of your body by working only those muscles. Fat loss doesn’t work that way.

arm-tricep-fat-loss.jpgYour body has a set pattern in which it gains and loses body fat. Usually the order in which you packed the excess weight is the exact opposite order you will lose it. So if the last fat you got stuck with landed on your arms or legs, it will be the first one to to.

Keeping this in mind you can appreciate how long it will take to get the arms you want. Some people have a harder time losing weight from their belly, others from their legs while others from their arms and back. It depends in which category you fall. But…

When it comes to fast fat loss, the same rules apply each time. You have to get on a healthy diet and exercise to lose weight. It doesn’t matter if you want to lose weight from your belly or arms. You have to lose weight from your whole body to see significant improvement on the body parts you are targeting.

Still, you should continue exercising your arms and triceps. What is the point of losing the excess fat from them if they don’t look toned and defined. Weak arms aren’t at all sexy. So make sure you include in your exercise routine arm and triceps exercises.

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