The Cardio Exercises That Make You Lose Weight Quick

March 23, 2011

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Exercising at the correct level of intensity is important for weight loss effectiveness, and there’s no point in disagreeing, because it’s certainly true that cardio exercises are extremely beneficial for the body.

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These exercises lift the heart rate and keep it elevated for a period of time to strengthen the heart and boost the metabolism of your body. Not only that, it aids in proper blood circulation, elevates mood, relieves stress and enhances the oxygen-carrying capacity of your lungs.

There are several varieties of cardio exercises, we urge you to take your pick. All of these activities are pretty easy to do and cost virtually nothing. A regular habit of these exercises is a crucial part of your weight loss success.

1. Walking

30 minutes of walking burns 200-300 calories, and when you speed up the pace, as in power-walking, the rate at which you burn calories will likely be doubled.

2. Jogging

Nothing spells a good morning like an early morning jog. It is easy to do, very effective in burning calorie and requires no surplus preparation.

3. Bicycling

Going for a bike ride works wonders on your cardiovascular fitness, and tones up the muscles of your body nicely.

4. Swimming

One of the best cardio workouts ever, swimming not only aids in achieving quick weight loss, it also improves the strength and flexibility of your body, helps you to be more immune to injury and increases your lung’s capacity to carry oxygen.

5. Step Aerobics

Step aerobics is an easy-to-do and extremely effective way of burning the pounds. It can make you burn up to 400 calories in 30 minutes, and tones the hamstrings, quads and gluteal muscles as well.

6. Dancing

No wonder a dancer’s body is usually described as "perfect." Dancing is a very good cardio workout, it is effective for burning the unwanted calories, increasing metabolism and is considered as an exercise that strengthens and tones the whole body.

Two Main Types of Cardio Workouts:

  • Weight Bearing– Requires your feet and legs to support your body weight, as in walking, running and rope jumping.
  • Non-Weight Bearing- The body is supported during exercise, as in swimming and rowing. These tend to be easier for your back and legs and have lower risk of injury compared to the weight bearing exercises.

Really, the options are endless. Go for a walk, head to the beach and swim, or relive your childhood and jump rope. Just choose the activity that get your heart pumping and your blood rushing, because the best exercise is doing what you enjoy while making the most of your journey to weight loss success.

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