Exercise Motivation: How to Make Sure You Stick to Your Workout Plan

Exercising can be quite boring. I know this because I get bored all the time while exercising. This is what forced me to use all kinds of little tricks that provide me with all the motivation required to stick to my workout plan.

My favorite exercise motivation trick is variety. I never do the same exercises all month long, day in and day out. No. I vary the types of exercises that I do. Some weeks are more aerobic exercise and cardio intensive. On other weeks I do more anaerobic exercises, hitting the gym and pumping iron. And even in the gym I try to vary the exercise equipment that I use.

exercise-motivation.jpgI also take days off from exercising. I have found out – painfully – that too much exercise is just as bad as too little exercise. My live could not handle all the lactic acid released in my body and I was confined to my bet for two whole weeks. Pain made sure I couldn’t leave. So don’t overdo it. The idea is to get moving and improve your health, not to harm your body.

My favorite trick for getting rid of boredom is to combine my workout plan with some other activity. For example I love listening to audio books, and each time I exercise I make sure my ipod has an interesting audio book preloaded. While I exercise my mind is busy analyzing and acquiring new knowledge.

Besides getting smart while exercising, you can also do other stuff. For example you can bond with your soul mate by discussing whatever you normally discuss, and at the same time exercising together. You can play a sport together, go to the gym or even take a long romantic walk.

It doesn’t really matter that how intense you exercise. What matters is that you exercise constantly. A great way to achieve this is to walk a lot. If your destination is under 3 miles consider walking. Also another useful trick is biking to work. It is a great way to cut through the traffic and exercise your body at the same time.

Here comes the bomb. The best way to stick to your workout plan for the rest of your life is to form the habit of exercising each day. Like brushing your teeth. And how do you achieve this? Simple: you force yourself for a period of time to exercise each day a little, no matter what. I recommend you exercise at a set hour in the day, or after an event that happens each day: like waking up. This will help the habit of exercising form and you will miss the lack of exercise if a day passes without any.

Ok those were my best tips for sticking to your workout plan and maximum exercise motivation. If you have any other exercise motivation tips please share them in the comments below.

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