Lose Weight With These Eat Smart Tips

When worse comes to worse and you just can’t keep your hands off that bag of chips or you simply feel like dying if you were to stop dining at your favorite fast food, we understand your plight. Here at Shedyourweight.com, we have taken the liberty to compile 5 of the best surefire, no-fail tips for the reluctant dieter. Now there’s no excuse for you to not lose weight fast and keep it off.

smart-eating-tips.jpg1. Keep cash in your wallet

Researchers have fund out that most people make healthier purchases when they pay for their food with cash rather than credit or debit cards.

2. Eat junk food off little bowls

If you must absolutely have junk food, whether it be a bag of cheetos or your favorite crisps, avoid eating straight from the bag. Instead, use smaller bowls and plates whenever you snack, and sit down to enjoy your food.

3. Eat in silence

A noisy environment, as in a party or eating in front of the television set, only makes one eat faster, which often leads to overeating.

Dialing down loud distractions during mealtimes make you more aware of the food you are eating, giving your brain time to process how full you already are and also giving you time to savor your food, its flavors, smells and textures.

4. Start your day with an apple

You know how they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Well, it’s the same for weight gain.

Starting your day with an apple jumpstarts your metabolism and fills you up with fiber to make you feel full longer. It also staves off the munchies and hunger pangs, as the natural sugar found in apples help keep your sweet tooth appeased.

5. Walk when you can

When all else fails and you find yourself too lazy to exercise, walk. Walking is a total-body workout, because it tones and strengthens not only your core, but also your gluteal and hamstring muscles. Walking is also very efficient in burning extra calories and fats. It’s easy to do, you can do it anywhere, and will cost you virtually nothing.

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