Losing Weight Is Easy With These Top Weight Loss Tricks

April 13, 2011

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Nothing is more frustrating than facing yourself in the mirror and noticing the unwanted curves and bumps you have gained from pigging out on all those late-nights. It has become increasingly hard for most individuals to lose weight, and it has become very common to feel discouraged when the weight comes piling back on after you’ve worked so hard to keep them off.

Have no fear, ShedYourWeight.com has compiled the year’s top tricks for losing the extra pounds and keeping it off. All are easy to do, and won’t even require you to crash diet, spend money on miracle pills, or try exercise gadgets. 

weight-loss-tricks.jpg1. Drink Water

Water lowers the amount of fat stored in your body, and is a natural appetite suppressant, making you feel full faster and longer.

2. Eat More Raw Fruits And Vegetables

It’s a known fact that vegetables and fruits are good for you, because of all their vitamin and nutrient content, but did you know you can double the fat-burning effects of these foods when you consume them raw? 

Studies have shown that your body burns more calories to break down and process the raw fruits and veggies you consume, making you lose weight faster and maintain it much longer.

Try the fruit and vegetable diet for a couple of days. It will help you detox your body.

3. Don’t Neglect Your Protein

Diets restricting protein intake are never good. Proteins increase your fat burning metabolism, because your body has to burn a lot of calories just to digest the protein you consumed.

Protein also helps build lean muscle, which boosts the fat burning mechanism of your body a notch higher, because when you build muscle, you burn fat.

4. Drink Milk

Recent studies have shown that individuals who drink milk lose more weight effectively than persons who don’t. One of the most recent finding of these studies is that diets that permit dairy intake will help you double the rate of which you burn calories.

5. Pass Up On Salt

Salt is sodium, and sodium attracts water. So when you consume too much salt, you become bloated and sluggish. Consuming more than the recommended 2500mg of salt everyday will make you retain water and gain false fat.

6. De-Stress

Say not o emotional overeating by de-stressing, Find other ways to get rid of stress, and make it a physical activity, such as boxing or by taking up a favorite sport. When you deal with stress the wrong way, such as reaching for that supersized bag of chips, you are only making yourself heavier.

For more on getting rid of stress check out:

7. Move!

What better way to maximize your healthy diet than getting up and moving? Exercise is guaranteed to work every time, as long as you do it right and regularly.

Exercise doesn’t even require you to sign up at the gym or running in marathons, there are many ways for you to become gradually active, all you have to do is take your pick.

8. No-no To Skipping Meals

People who skip breakfast or those who skip meals in general were found to consume 100 more calories than people who ate meals regularly.

Eating your meals on time helps keep your blood sugar levels normal, and gives your brain the signal that it doesn’t need to overeat on the next meal becasue you have just the right amount of calories that your body needs.

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