The Swiss Ball Workout Health Benefits

June 11, 2009

Exercise & Fitness

The Swiss ball is a big ball, about 20 inches in diameter, that can have many colors. You fill the Swiss ball with air, using a pump, and you are set to workout using it.

A good Swiss ball should be able to support 3 times your weight. Usually a properly air filled Swiss ball can sustain even 800 pounds. Using it you can do therapeutic exercises and even maintenance exercises. I must confess that the first time I used a Swiss ball I used it as a cool bouncing stool. Pretty fun I must admit.

The Swiss ball has been used for a long time for therapeutic exercises, used to improve and alleviate diverse health problems. But nowadays the Swiss ball is used in many workouts for stretching, increasing muscle strength, Pilates, Increasing flexibility and a better equilibrium. Physical exercises done with the Swiss ball are extremely good for your spine, if done properly. The Swiss ball is great at eliminating and avoiding muscle tension. It also helps you maintain an active nervous system, the eliminating of toxins from the body and improves your digestion. The effect of the Swiss ball exercises can be observed best on the chest, abdominal and back muscles.


You can work out your abdomen and back efficiently using the Swiss ball. The muscles get strengthened much more easily and the exercises are more fun. At first, until you get used, it might be a little weird but as you get used to the balls instability you will love exercising. Through this type of exercise all your muscles can be put to work. There are manuals on how to use your Swiss ball. You can even buy a Swiss ball exercise DVD.

For example you can work out your back using the following exercise: you lie with your feet on a wall and your belly on the Swiss ball. Then you push with your legs on the wall and you take your hands to the back of your neck. You slowly lift your upper body from the Swiss ball pulling back. Then you go back to the initial position. Do the exercise slowly so you can feel your muscles work.

You must make sure you buy a quality Swiss ball. If not it might explode under you. Not a pleasant experience. I know that because it happened to me. Loud bang and ass on the floor. Also the rubber used to make the Swiss ball must be able to resist to the contact with different furniture objects without exploding. When you sit on your Swiss ball your thighs should be parallel with the floor.


The diameter of the ball is directly related to your height. The taller you are the bigger the ball should be. That way you will get all the necessary support and your workouts will be more effective. Also the surface of the Swiss ball shouldn’t be too slippery. You need support especially when you sweat a lot doing intense exercises using your Swiss ball.

You should choose carefully the place where you choose to use your Swiss ball. Make sure it is clean and hygienic. If there are any sharp objects around remove them before starting working out.

If the weather is good you can exercise outside using your Swiss ball. Have fun using it and be creative. But don’t push yourself over your body’s limits. Have fun using it and exercising will become a fun time.

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