Elliptical Exercise Equipment: why elliptical trainers are cool

September 29, 2009

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Elliptical exercise equipment is catching up and maybe will surpass the classic treadmill. Elliptical trainers are fabulous for working out in front of the TV on a cold winter day. Every home gym should be equipped with some form of elliptical exercise equipment. This goes double if you are suffering from lower body joint problems.

What I like most about using an elliptical trainer to exercise is the fact that it provides a low impact super intense cardio workout that doesn’t put any excess strain on your joints. This cannot be said about a treadmill. It is true that a treadmill will strain your feet joints much less than running on asphalt, or any other hard surface but for joint free problems exercising you should try using an elliptical trainer.


Another cool thing about exercising with the help of elliptical exercise equipment is the fact that you get to also workout your upper body. Most modern elliptical trainers come with dual action handlebars. Once you step on the elliptical trainer you will get a total body workout.

I have used elliptical trainers several times now and I must say that the cardio workout that I get form them is pretty similar to jogging or using a treadmill in intensity. You can use them to lose weight fast without any problems.

The latest models of elliptical exercise equipment come with all sorts of preloaded exercise programs that will help you get the maximum benefits from each and every workout. You will also get a rough estimate of how many calories you have burned, your heart rate and all kind of statistics depending on what model of elliptical trainer you choose to buy and use.

What is nice about elliptical trainer is the fact that you get to burn a lot of calories while putting a lot less effort. This is because you get to work out your whole body, so all your muscles get involved. If you go jogging or if you use a treadmill you will use only your lover body muscles which means that you will have to work out more intensely to burn the same amount of calories you could burn using an elliptical trainer. Because you get to work out your arms and back also you are actually making your whole body look much more pleasantly. You will avoid having flabby arms by using an elliptical trainer for working out.

To help you keep boredom away from your exercise routine most elliptical trainers let you change the cross ramp incline and also increase the intensity by increasing the resistance of the pedals. This way you can increase the intensity of the workout so it always reflects your current fitness level. This means that you get the maximum benefits for working out, just as you did on the first day that you started using the elliptical trainer.


A feature I especially like about elliptical trainers is that you can use the food pedals forward or in reverse. This allows you to work out your body muscles in two completely different ways, especially your lower body muscles. By moving your body muscles in two separate ways all the muscle groups get a different level of exercising depending on what movements you do and you get to exercise all your muscles.

Another thick you can use to get the most out of your elliptical exercise equipment is to sometimes use the handlebars and sometimes not to use them. That way you will focus the exercise on your lower body muscles.

By combining the forward or reverse movement with using or not using the handlebars you get a lot a varied exercise opportunities form this one piece of exercise equipment. Add to that all the preloaded exercise scenarios plus the option to create your own and you will never get bored exercising ever again if you use an elliptical trainer.


When buying any elliptical exercise equipment you should first give it a try. Make sure that the size of the elliptical trainer is suitable for your body size and that it has all the features that you want. Usually the more you spend on an elliptical trainer the higher quality it will be, but not always. I have a fired that is perfectly satisfied with his 400$ elliptical trainer and wouldn’t dream of exchanging it for a 5000$ one. You have to decide for yourself what you want form your elliptical trainer. Do some shopping around and for sure you will find something just right for you.

I especially recommend elder people and those with knee problems to use elliptical exercise equipment as a means to workout frequently. They get to burn a lot of calories, get their blood flowing, lose weight, keep in shape and even keep their heat healthy. If you don’t have an elliptical trainer you should definitively equip your home gym with one.

To get an idea of how many calories you can burn you should check out: How Many Calories Can You Burn Walking: walking calories burned.

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