Kidney Cleanse: detox your kidneys and eliminate kidney stones

August 16, 2009

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According to the traditional Chinese medicine the kidneys are the most important area of your body. In your kidneys is concentrated most of your energetic field, the qi energy which is the motor behind all the vital processes. That is why cleansing your kidneys and taking good care of them is a must. The Chinese have developed many ways to take care of your kidneys by detoxing them.

The traditional Chinese medicine has proved that having a balanced diet, a good healthy lifestyle with lots of exercising and mental activity is the best way to keep your kidneys healthy. But if your kidneys are suffering you have to cleanse your kidneys. By cleansing your kidneys you will feel better and will enjoy a longer life. Some say that healthy kidneys are a sure way of increasing your life spam. I believe them and that is why I take good care of my kidneys. You should too.

If you want to have healthy kidneys you should eat the following kidney friendly foods: brown sesame, nuts, carp, crabs, calamari, seashells, caraway, cherries, plums, chestnuts, soy, grain, duck, grapes, chicken or any bird liver, low fat pork meat.


When you have problems with your kidneys you should eat healthy kidneys from healthy animals like: lambs, pork, cow, chickens. Eating lots of sweets is a real danger for your kidneys. It is very important that you maintain your intestinal transit under normal limits. Especially at the level of your colon.

Qigong exercises that have as a purpose the improvement of the flow of energy in your body will benefit your kidneys a lot. Doing regular breathing exercises can prevent many kidney diseases. They help you keep your kidneys clean and healthy.

Get into the habit of drinking more water every day to cleanse your kidneys. Water is essential for kidney cleansing. Instead of water you can drink fresh fruit juices or teas. It is really healthy and good for your kidneys to keep a 15 days distilled water diet every 6 months. All you have to do is eat what you eat normally but you can only drink distilled water. Doing the distilled water diet every 6 months for 15 days significantly reduces the risk of developing kidney stones. You should drink 8 cups of water daily regardless if you are on a diet or not.

Kidney stones are usually discovered by any routine medical check that is a little more thorough. Often you don’t even feel the presence of kidney stones. You even eliminate kidney stones without ever knowing it. It is quite a frequent and natural process.

Problems appear when the kidney stones become bigger and block the urinary ducts. When this happens you will feel some pain sometimes. The pain generated by kidney stones that cannot be eliminated naturally through the urinary ducts can be very intense. Usually the persons who start suffering of kidney stones pain have to seek medical assistance fast. But you should take care of your kidneys so this never happens to you.

Kidney stones are formed in a very long time, without any visible symptom. The pain appear suddenly, in the moment when the kidney stone blocks the urinary duct. A very unpleasant experience. That is why you should do a kidney cleanse form time to time.

The specialists haven’t yet established the causes of kidney stones. It seems that genetics might play the major role. So if you have people who suffer from kidney stones in your family you should take better care of your kidneys.


The food you eat might also be responsible for kidney stones. Eating some food frequently can increase your chances of gating kidney stones. Some of the foods you should steer way are greens, beef, pork or chicken meat. Drinking at least 8 cups of water daily will help you prevent kidney stones by cleansing your kidneys. Water will help you eliminate the stones formed in your kidneys. It cleans your kidneys.

Thank God that modern medicine is so advance nowadays. The procedures used to eliminate kidney stones are very advance. You can even have your kidney stones blasted away with ultrasound waves. The ultrasound brakes the stones and then you eliminate them in your urine.

The prevention of kidney stones is very important. This goes double if you already had problems with kidneys stones because you are more predisposed to get them. That is why you should get a healthy lifestyle that prevents the development of kidney stones.

You should find out the causes that have lead to the forming of kidney stones. If you had your kidney stones extracted you can have them analyzed. The medic will analyze their composition and will create a personalized diet and recommend certain healthy lifestyle rules to prevent their development in the future. You should listen to him and do what he says.


The main way to cleanse your kidneys and prevent kidney stones id drinking lots of water. Drinking water and lots of liquids every day will help you eliminate the accumulated smaller kidney stones and will prevent the forming of other. Increasing the quantity of liquids you drink should be done under the supervision of a medic to prevent unforeseen complications. You should also eliminate salty foods from your diet.

A great kidney cleansing diet you can try is the watermelon diet for detoxing. Watermelons are full of water which helps you cleans your kidneys. This diet will also help you lose weight if you need it. Read The Watermelon Diet for Weight Loss and Detoxing.

What other kidney cleansing tips do you know? How do you get rid of kidney stones? Write them in the comment below. Me an all the other readers will be thankful.

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