Selenium Benefits: the health benefits of selenium

February 9, 2010

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Recommended daily dose of selenium: 60-80 mcg

Selenium food sources

Sea creatures (crawfish, mussels, crab, oysters, and tuna), liver and kidneys, whole grains, Brazil nuts, garlic, onion and yeast provide the necessary food intake.

The health benefits of selenium
• It prevents pathogenic action, destructive, it finds viruses in the body;
• It enters the composition of enzymes that act on glutathione, which protect cells from the oxidative action of free radicals, in this regard, it acts synergistically with vitamin E;
• It prevents the formation of cancer cells;
• Slows down aging;
• It refreshes the appearance of hair and skin;
• It supports the immune system;
• It cleans the body of substances such as arsenic, cadmium and mercury;
• It prevents the formation of cataracts and heart muscle injury.

Useful health tips about selenium
• In males, selenium is localized in the sexual glands and is expelled through ejaculation;
• Smokers, large consumers of alcohol and people exposed to pollution are threatened by free radicals and should inquire further regarding the consumption of selenium;
• Elite athletes may improve their performance with a supplement of selenium which does not exceed 100 mcg / day – with their doctor’s approval;
• For external use, selenium is used to combat dandruff;
• One or two Brazil nuts are sufficient to cover the daily demand for selenium.

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