Phosphorus Benefits: the health benefits of phosphorus

February 9, 2010

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Recommended daily dose of phosphorus: 1000 mg.

Phosphorus food sources

Food sources include: dried fruit, light meat (minced beef, chicken), fish (salmon, flounder), non-fat dairy products, broccoli, and beans. Phosphoric acid comes in huge quantities in the composition of carbonated drinks.

The health benefits of phosphorus
• It participate in the synthesis of phospholipid cells (e.g. lecithin), which transport fats;
• It provides energy fuel for the body;
• It increases bone strength, in combination with calcium it ensures growth;
• It is part of the composition of nucleic proteins (DNA and RNA);
• It is part of the composition of myelin, the substance that "wraps" nerves;
• It helps in kidney functions;
• It contributes to the maintenance of a constant heart rate.

Useful health tips about phosphorus
• Carbonated drinks, customary on North American tables, that are sometimes preferred over milk, as snacks or desserts, contain large amounts of phosphoric acid threatening calcium absorption. If you are a high consumer of such drinks, supervise your calcium intake;
• Persons who have reached the age of 40 years should know that phosphorus can be harder to eliminated from the body because of the decline of renal function, it would therefore be appropriate to review your diet and avoid the unpleasant effects of calcium deficiency;
• Phosphorus supplementation is not recommended in particular, unless it is prescribed and followed up by a doctor.

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