Magnesium Benefits: the health benefits of magnesium

February 9, 2010

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Recommended daily dose of magnesium: 400 mg

The health benefits of magnesium
•It interferes with the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins;
• It provides energy to the body;
• It acts on a neuromuscular excitability level (activates muscle contractions and prevents some cramps), on cell permeability (transmission inflow disorders) it has certain enzymatic activities and it participates in the regulation of the heart;
• It facilitates the assimilation of vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus and potassium;
• It becomes a natural painkiller when used together with calcium, also, in terms of heart functions, magnesium is a calcium antagonist, an excess of calcium triggers a pronounced elimination of magnesium in the urine;
• It prevents the formation of stones and calcification of blood vessels;
• It strengthens tooth enamel;
• Used in the form of salts, magnesium sulfate inflamed muscles release tissues from excess water through a bath of the feet;
• Used in other forms of salts (carbonate, oxide or hydroxide) it may serve as a dressing to the inner stomach.

Useful health tips about magnesium
• People who suffer from heart problems should consult their doctor before taking magnesium supplements;
• Children who have nocturnal urinary incontinence could improve the resistance of their sphincters by administering a small supplement of magnesium.

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