Sodium Benefits: the health benefits of sodium

February 9, 2010

Diets & Nutrition

Recommended daily dosage of sodium: 1-3 g

Sodium food sources

The list is long, so most people consume even more sodium than their daily requirements. Furthermore, all treated foods contain higher doses of sodium; the industry either uses it to enhance their taste, or to extend their conservation period. The main foods that are high in sodium are mostly meat products (especially ham and bacon), vegetables, fish and canned meat, canned soups, crustaceans, cereals, bread and bakery products, sauces and salt.

The health benefits of sodium
•It adjusts the volume of liquids;
• Together with potassium it ensures the permeability of cell membranes and allow the normal circulation of all body indispensable agents;
• It improves the transmission of nerve and muscle impulses.

Useful health tips about sodium:
The latest researches highlight the negative effects of sodium on blood pressure; indeed, it seems that a reasonable consumer does not emphasize high blood pressure. But this is far from being unanimously accepted by the scientific community. That is why we encourage the middle way, which is to always avoid trouble.

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