Vitamin B3 or Niacin: the health benefits of vitamin B3

February 8, 2010

Diets & Nutrition

Research made to combat the pellagra disease led to the discovery of vitamin B3, niacin or vitamin PP. The absence of animal protein and excess corn triggers the disease.

Recommended daily dose of vitamin B3: 13-20 mg

Vitamin B3 sources

Fish, white meat, liver, calf and cow meat, cereals and bread, dates, figs, peaches, avocados, almonds, fresh mushrooms, peanuts are vitamin B3 providers.

The health benefits of vitamin B3.

  • It relieves the risk of some cardiovascular disorders, decreasing harmful cholesterol (LDL), and increasing the levels of the beneficial one (HDL) and lowering blood triglyceride levels;
  • It moderates blood pressure and improves blood circulation;
  • Together with the other group B vitamins it metabolizes proteins, carbohydrates and lipids;
  • It protects against atherosclerosis, migraines, dizziness;
  • It prevents the occurrence of diarrhea.

Useful health tips about vitamin B3

  • B3 vitamin supplements prevent bronchitis, dizziness, tinnitus ( "noise" in the ears);
  • It is recommended you consume vitamin B3 after meals;
  • When the amount taken exceeds 1000 mg daily, the patient should be placed under medical supervision, such quantities are found in hypercholesterolemia treatment;
  • If the diet includes sufficient protein (meat, eggs, cheese) there is no risk of illness.

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