Vitamin B15 or Pangamic Acid: the health benefits of vitamin B15

February 8, 2010

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Although it is not recognized in some countries, vitamin B15 or pangamic acid has refreshing properties and is very popular among athletes. The antioxidant prevents the forming deposits of lipids in the liver. Choline is involved in cholesterol formation. It also helps to enhance memory, so it is used in treating Alzheimer’s disease.

Recommended daily dose of vitamin B15:
– Vitamin B15: 1, 5-5 mg
– Choline: about 1000 mg.

Vitamin B15 sources
• Vitamin B15 is found in brown rice, bread and yeast;
• Choline we find in: the seeds of wheat, green vegetables and lecithin

The health benefits of vitamin B15 or pangamic acid:
• Cleans the body of toxins;
• Reduces loss of glycogen;
• Increases longevity of cells;
• Strengthens the immune system;
• Reduces cholesterol levels;
• Protects liver from cirrhosis;
• Reduces asthma attacks.

The health benefits of choline:
• Prevents cholesterol;
• Protects the liver;
• It helps to keep the memory;
• Stimulates the synthesis of adrenaline;
• Protects against breast cancer.

Useful health tips about vitamin B15
• Athletes may consume up to 100-150 mg of vitamin B15 daily;
• In France and Canada, pangamic acid is not officially recognized as a vitamin;
• Liver diseases are treated with choline (3000mg/day) by American doctors;
• Choline increases phosphorus levels in the body, so it must be associated with calcium to maintain a balance between the two minerals.

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