Vitamin E or the Skin Vitamin: the health benefits of vitamin E

February 8, 2010

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Tocopherols are grouped into four categories: alpha, beta, gamma, delta and they are an important source of vitamin E. This nutrient has many qualities essential to a healthy life. Vitamin E is water soluble and sensitive to alkaline environments and to oxidation.

Recommended daily dose of vitamin E: 12-20 mg

Vitamin E sources
• Vegetable oils high in unsaturated fatty acids (soy, corn, sunflower), fruit oil (peanuts, sunflower seeds), seeds of cereals, green vegetables (spinach, in particular), and tomatoes are the main sources of vitamin E. It is found in very small quantities in meat.

The health benefits of vitamin E
• Because of it’s antioxidant action it prevents cancer because it protects healthy cells from free radicals and pollutants;
• It strengthens the immune system;
• It allows a good irrigation of blood throughout the body;
• It helps combat the appearance of cancer cells;
• It preserved the "integrity" of vitamin A;
• It relieves the feeling of fatigue, improves mental performance, helps the body recover after sustained effort (it is an essential vitamin for performance athletes);
• It acts as an anticoagulant that prevents blood aggregation;
• It accelerates healing of wounds caused by burns.

Useful health tips about vitamin E
• Chemical treatments vegetable oils go through reduce the vitamin E contents;
• Vitamin E is a controversial subject: from old times it is considered an aphrodisiac, a sterility cure, but recent studies contradict this hypothesis, considering that it is true for animals, but not for human beings;
• Iron should not be taken simultaneously with vitamin E, an 8 hours break is needed between the administration of the two;
• Vitamin E is necessary if you use anticonvulsant drugs, certain antibiotics or hypercolesterolemiants.

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