Zinc Benefits: the health benefits of zinc

February 9, 2010

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Recommended daily dose of zinc: 12-15 mg

Zinc food sources
The main suppliers of zinc are foods rich in animal protein such as meat, fish, seafood, eggs, dairy, yeast and beans.

The health benefits of zinc
•It enters the constitution of many enzymes (about 200) and activates them;
•It is involved in protein synthesis and in the constitution of DNA and RNA;
•It helps the renewal and the synthesis required for cell growth, pregnancy, breastfeeding, wound healing, sperm production, etc.;
•It facilitates glucose regulation and insulin release;
•It strengthens the immune system due to its antioxidant action;
•It preserves the adaptability of the eyes to darkness and to light in association with vitamin A;
•It removes excess copper;
•It removes cadmium.

Useful health tips about zinc
• Some doctors prescribe zinc supplements to stop prostate hypertrophy;
• Low-fat regime followers, the elderly, vegetarians and people who do not eat red meat are more likely to lack zinc;
• Do not be surprised if your doctor will recommend a supplement of copper with zinc, because zinc counteracts the mechanisms of copper uptake;
• An additional intake of zinc can significantly reduce the mental faculties of subjects infected with Alzheimer’s disease;
• Some encourage the ingestion of zinc supplements with food to avoid inconvenience to the stomach, while others encourage all ingesting on an empty stomach or between meals due to certain interactions that have to be taken into account: foods with high calcium and phosphorus content slightly decrease the absorption of zinc, as and foods rich in fitic acid such as bread, soy sprouts, corn and beans.

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