Iron Benefits: the health benefits of iron

February 9, 2010

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Recommended daily dose of iron: 10-18 mg

Iron food sources
It is found in food and appears in two forms: hemic iron is easily absorbed by the body, it comes from red meat (especially liver), fish (especially oysters, clams, sardines) and brown turkey meat, and nonhemic iron that is more difficult to absorb by the body. It is found in green vegetables (spinach, parsley, leeks, cabbage, and beet leafs), legumes (lentils, peas), dried fruit (grapes, apricots) and whole grains.

The health benefits of iron
• It specializes mostly (about 70%), in the production of hemoglobin, pigmented substance that helps red blood cells bring oxygen to all body cells, a good oxygenation prevents fatigue;
• As a form of deposits (30%) in various organs such as spinal cord, spleen and liver;
• It decreases the risk of anemia and strengthens resistance to disease.

Useful health tips about iron
Vitamin C facilitates iron absorption, unlike calcium and Tannin (contained in tea), that slow the assimilation.

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