Calcium Benefits: the health benefits of calcium

February 9, 2010

Diets & Nutrition

Recommended daily dose of calcium: 850-1500 mg

Calcium food sources

Most dairy products contain calcium. Spinach, broccoli, kale and Brussels sprouts, sardines and canned salmon with bones are also rich in calcium.

The health benefits of calcium
• It provides strength to the bones and teeth;
• It acts in several levels of blood clotting;
• It interferes with muscle activity, mainly that of the myocardium;
• It participates in enzymatic activity.

Useful health tips about calcium
• Associated with magnesium, calcium induces sleep;
• Large consumers of carbonated drinks may have affected their calcium reserves because of the phosphoric acid they contain, phosphorus is a "destroyer" of calcium;
• In addition to preventing osteoporosis, calcium supplements may ease menstrual pains , and puberty associated conditions;
• Effects of certain antibiotics (tetracycline) may be altered by a simultaneous dose of calcium it is recommended that these two substances are given at an interval of at least 3 hours.

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