Copper Benefits: the health benefits of copper

February 9, 2010

Diets & Nutrition

Recommended daily dose of copper: 1, 5-3 mg

Copper food sources
It can be found in: shellfish, liver, green vegetables, mushrooms, green beans, nuts, seeds, grains, cocoa powder.

The health benefits of copper
• It has an important role in the production of enzymes that protect the body against certain toxic chemicals (free radicals, cadmium);
•It intervenes in the formation of the connective tissue that serves as a basis to develop a variety of other tissues;
• It participates in the production of energy;
• It contributes to the absorption of iron, preventing anemia;
• It is involved in the production of essential neurochemical substances that ensure the proper functioning of the brain;
• It influents the functioning of the muscles, nerves and immune system;
• It diminishes histamine production, which reduces allergic manifestations;

Useful health tips about copper
•Subjects suffering from Wilson disease (a hereditary disease characterized by copper accumulation in the liver), hepatitis or cirrhosis should not take any additional copper;
• A diet that includes regular ratios of green vegetables obviates the administration of a supplement.

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