Vitamin B1 or Thiamin: the health benefits of vitamin B1

February 8, 2010

Diets & Nutrition

Thiamin is part of the vitamin B complex. It comes under the form of a whitish transparent powder that is water soluble. Vitamin B1 reacts to light, heat, moisture, but is does not withstand alkaline and oxidants. Most cereals in commerce are rich in thiamin.

Recommended daily dose of vitamin B1: 1.2 to 1.5 mg

Vitamin B1 sources

Vitamin B1 is found in nature in several foods such as whole grains, yeast, vegetables, meat (especially in pork and organs), fish, egg yolk, milk, bread and whole-wheat pasta

The health benefits of vitamin B1

  • Involved in cell metabolism;
  • It participates in overall energy production necessary for the functioning of the body and it maintains a proper body temperature;
  • It improves digestion;
  • It helps the body counteract the toxic effects of alcohol.

Useful health tips about vitamin B1

  • Thiamin ameliorates motion sickness;
  • Thiamine supplement, also called "morale vitamin", may induce a state of peace, calm and optimism.

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