How to Avoid Food Cravings so You Don’t Have to Deal With Them

July 20, 2010

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If I can’t have too many truffles I’ll do without.~Colette

To avoid food cravings all you have to do is stay away from their path. If you know you love eating a certain food and you know you can’t stop from eating that food until it is all gone, avoid eating that food. It is that simple to avoid food cravings.

If you are dying to eat a piece of chocolate, go and buy a really small one. Don’t start eating it right on the spot. You devouring the piece of chocolate will scare the passerby’s and you will also buy an extra chocolate. One a lot bigger. Since you have started your appetite, stopping it won’t be that easy. If you have to take a long trip to get another chocolate, maybe you will be discouraged to do so.

This two simple plans don’t always work. I can remember times when I stood awake, in my bed, looking at the ceiling, dreaming of some craved food. Sometimes it was chocolate, at other times ice-cream and so on… What is certain is that I never lay awake at night thinking about eating some veggies and fruits. Never happened. They just don’t do it for me, and I am certain the same is true for you.

In those extreme cases I had to go out of bed and eat the darn craved food so I could finally fall to sleep. After a light late night binge, I would fall asleep like a baby, fully satisfied. Not a healthy thing to do but an enjoyable one.

If you are suffering from the same type of relentless food cravings, the trick to putting an end to their rule is to have small quantities of the foods you love eating around the house. You can eat them only in case of desperation. If you can find healthier versions of the foods you crave often, buy those instead of the more fattening version. It won’t help a lot but it will do something at least.

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