Eat Slowly If You Want To Lose Weight and Avoid Overeating

Take twice as long to eat half as much.~Anonymous

Weight loss and eating slowly are very good friends. When you eat slowly you avoid overeating which is always good for losing weight. The slower you eat the less food you eat, which means less excess calories for your body to burn. But what makes eating slowly such a great weight loss tip.

When you eat food slowly your brain has all the time it needs to get the message from your belly: I am full. You can stop eating now. It takes at least 15 minutes for you to feel the sensation of having gotten rid of hunger and being full. If you eat really fast you will eat a lot more food than you actually needed to eat, because by the time your brain receives the message “Stop eating now” you will have had already eaten twice as much food than what you actually needed.

Eating slowly also has a big psychological impact on you. It help break the spell some foods place on you, making you crave them. Have you ever tried eating a much craved food slowly. After a couple of bites your desire for that food perishes into the void form where it came from. I don’t know exactly why this happens but it works every time.

The most simple way to make sure you eat slowly is to chew your food better. By chewing your food well you also help your digestive system do its job easier and get more nutrients, not only fats from your food. This in turn will make you healthier.

Another trick you can use to make sure you eat slowly is to place your fork and knife down after each bite of food you take. Place them down and chew your food well. Feel the tastes as they blend together. Learn to truly enjoy the food you eat and eat less foot at the same time. By eating slowly you will discover tastes long forgotten, and eating will become a rich sensory experience not only a belly stuffing one. For this to happen you have to take your time while eating. No rush.

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