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August 14, 2012

Weight Loss Tips

Rewarding yourself for reaching your weight loss goals can be a wonderful way to stay motivated and continue your success.  Losing weight is a difficult process and rewards along the way will only help you achieve your goals.

While many successful dieters find it difficult to reward themselves by breaking their diet, it can actually help you lose weight.  People who strictly follow a diet without rewarding their accomplishments often burn out more quickly and abandon their diet altogether.  Most meal replacement diet plans include deserts and other exotic foods to allow the dieter to indulge on occasion.

However, food rewards should be kept to a minimum and used sparingly.  For example, after accomplishing one of your short term weight loss goals, you could reward yourself with one of your favorite candy bars.  Entire “cheat” meals should be avoided because it can lead to food cravings that may harm your self-control.  You can also reward yourself in other ways without breaking your diet.

If you feel uncomfortable about rewarding your diet success with food, there are plenty of other ways to celebrate your success.  For example, you could buy yourself a new pair of jeans or simply spend money on something you normally wouldn’t.  The key is to reward yourself for accomplishing your goals and provide self-encouragement along on the way.

Dieting is physically, emotionally and mentally difficult.  By rewarding yourself you will begin to associate positive feelings with your diet which will help keep you motivated in the long term.


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