Never Give Up On Losing Weight and Having a Hot Body

July 21, 2010

Weight Loss Quotes

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always try just one more time.~Thomas A. Edison

If Thomas Edison had stopped after his first failure we wouldn’t have the light bulb today. Could you imagine how life would be without the light bulb. All the great inventions that we take for granted today are a testimony of someone’s ambition and drive to achieve their dreams. Some might have been impossible, but perseverance has the nasty habit of turning impossible dreams into reality.

Losing weight isn’t an impossible dream. Millions of people have lost weight and millions will lose with from now on. So if you are struggling to lose weight, at least you have the certainty that it is doable. It’s not a matter if you can lose weight, it’s all about when will you lose weight.

If you failed once to lose weight, it doesn’t mean that your fate is sealed. It just means that your approach to weight loss wasn’t the best one suited for yourself. There are hundreds of reasons that can stop you from losing weight, but the most insidious one is the lack of determination. If you don’t really want to lose weight you won’t lose it.

Personal drive, a fiery desire to lose weigh no matter what, is what distinguished the successful dieter form the unsuccessful one. All the people that have lost weight and kept it off have one thing in common: they tried and tried again until they succeeded. They adapted their weight loss methods, refined them to the point they got the perfect weight loss system for themselves.

Crying about not being able to lose weight won’t help you lose weight. You will have to find the weight loss motivation required to pick yourself up after each failure and to keep on giving your best in the fight against fat.

I am telling you: you are going to fail repeatedly at losing weight. I have done it and all weight loss success stories contain one or more points of failure. It is natural. What distinguishes the winners from the losers in the weight loss game, is the fact that the winner continued playing and pushing their boundaries until they achieved their goal.

Stopping half way never gets you anywhere. Once you’ve made up your mind to lose weight, keep going until you get the hot body you much desire and deserve.

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