How to stop being an all time couch potato

May 21, 2009

Exercise & Fitness

How many times didn’t you set a goal to exercise more and soon after that you found yourself finding all kinds of impediments. The lack of time, an urgent project, a cool new movie, tiredness, tomorrow is another day, I have ran after the buss today are all reasons people use to indulge in their potato couch lifestyle. And there are thousand more reasons, some awaiting discovery.

The major reason to motivate you to workout frequently is your health. You cannot enjoy a perfect health for a long time without exercising your body. Do you want to be healthy or sick? Which one do you choose: health or sickness. I know I am on the healthy side of life. Only thinking at all the money I will save on the long run by not paying expensive health bills motivates me to exercise more and live a healthy lifestyle. All that big pile of money will be spent on fun and leisure in my case. I love traveling.


Many find the gym a pretty boring experience. I don’t blame them. If you don’t have a friend to workout with frequently the gym experience becomes something old really fast. If you don’t have a friend that goes to the gym regularly chose the perfect gym for you and befriend someone from the gym. This is a great opportunity to make new friends. Having a fitness partner rocks.

If you still can’t stand the gym workout, even with a friend present, you should try a team sport. Joining a team and practicing a sport is very engaging. New bonds of friendship are formed, you and your teammates becoming really close in a short time. When you will start winning the playing of the selected sport will become addictive in a matter of speaking. You will find yourself thinking and talking about past games and the future plans of the team. Pretty exciting stuff if you get hooked, I must admit.

You can also join different fitness classes and start practicing yoga, dancing, tae bo, martial arts, belly dancing… Just browse the classifieds form your area and see what workout opportunities you have. Study the offer and pick the one that seems appealing to you. Try it out, if it doesn’t fit your personality choose another one. That way at least you will interrupt your sedentary lifestyle.

Get out there and explore the broad range of exercise possibilities. If you like nature join a nature exploration community and take long trips exploring nature. You will learn new fun stuff and exercise your body also.

The sky is the limit when it comes to the opportunities available for working out. All you have to do is move your butt off the couch, renounce the couch potato lifestyle, and start living a much more active lifestyle.

Get Workout motivation: how to get off your bum and get fit now and change your lifestyle.

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