The I Love Food But I Want to Lose Weight Dilemma

September 22, 2010

Health & Motivation

Everybody loves food, finger licking good food, especially people that are overweight. I for one love food. Some might even say that I am guilty of the sin of gluttony. And the truth is that in the past I was controlled by food. That is what made me super fat.

A long time ago I realized that it is kind of shameful to have less willpower than a piece of cake. Food was the ruler of my world, and I was just its slave. Not a good position. I was missing out on life because of my servitude to food.

That is why it is imperative that you take control over your eating habits. Over what you eat. Get the inner strength necessary to destroy your foods cravings. Declare your independence from your cravings and make wiser healthier food choices.

Food is like a drug. You can get hooked on food, especially junk food. That is why stopping eating junk food can be as difficult as quitting smoking, drinking or even going off drugs. The first few days without your fix of junk food can be quite terrible. I remember craving some McDonalds French fries with a burning desire.

Being addicted to food wouldn’t be any problem if it wouldn’t ruin your health. Just like any addiction, the junk food addiction shortens your life spam and can create some horrible health problems.

The good news about the food addiction is that you don’t have to stop indulging it forever. You can still enjoy your secret passion for chocolate, or your burning desire for some cheesecake. The secret is to be in control, and be able to stop after a few bites. You don’t need a whole cake to satisfy your craving.

You have to become mature in your eating to be able to control your food intake. Only kids keep on eating candy until the bag is empty. Being a grownup means that you are in control of your body and your desires. So the next time you are face with a food you love eating, show some maturity and take just a few bites.

Now losing weight and loving food is a little more thorny problem. A good diet will also provide you with the required off days so you don’t go crazy because of your cravings. There are also lots of diet friendly versions of all the super fattening foods out there. French fries are an exception I believe and I was really disappointed when I found out. Besides them you can find so called non-fattening foods that are good enough to calm your cravings.

Choosing a diet that contains foods you like eating is also a good idea. By spending a little time in your kitchen, using your imagination, you can turn any boring diet food into a gourmet meal. Just be sure you don’t eat too much diet food, because diet food can be quite fattening in large amounts. You have been warned from my own personal experience.

As you can see you can still enjoy eating food and lose weight at the same time. All it takes is some maturity and self control plus a little imagination in the kitchen.

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