Overweight and what determines it

April 16, 2009

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The desire to lose weight and look stunning and sexy is a serious motive to try to shed the extra pounds. To be able to choose the best weight loss program you have to identify the origin of the excess weight.

Overweight is linked to excess caloric intake: An abundant alimentation and snaking between meals will leave trace marks on your body under the form of fat deposits. The calories that are absorbed daily are more numerous that the ones you need. The excess calories are stocked in the body under the form of fat. An useless energy deposit that will damage your health in the long run.


Overweight is due to water retention: Water retention is more a typical problem of women than of men. That is because women have a harder time to keep the hormonal balance. Also the state of your lymphatic circulation affects water retention.

For women the menstrual cycle brings a feeling of bloating, especially at the level of the waistline and feet. Normally the excess water is eliminated at the end of the menstruation. But not always. In some cases the water retained in the body remains trapped between the fat cells. The apparition of cellulite is one of the direct consequences of this phenomenon.

Overweight is linked to the accumulation of toxins in the body: Excess pounds are more often than not a direct consequence of our lifestyle, from unhealthy alimentation, unbalance and stress. The body becomes unable to eliminate the toxins it has inside in time. To avoid it you need to keep a good life hygiene, especially when it comes to alimentation and the habit of doing some physical exercises. Also you must help your body eliminate all the toxins and lose weight. You must create a weight loss program and stick to it.

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