What do you do to keep yourself fit?

April 16, 2009

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As much as I would like to sustain the contrary, some people might not be made for sports. There are some who can’t even stand a conversation about physical activity. But even the most convinced non-sportive person needs to workout to stay fit and sexy. I don’t include here the 5% of the population that seems to stay slim and lean without effort.

Here are the things and combinations that people do in their desire to stay fit:


  • -Strong points: a super fast metabolism that keep fat off their butt and waistline. We all would like suck a jewel of a metabolism that is probably helped by the small and frequent meals.
  • -Weak points: if someone has a super fast metabolism it doesn’t mean it will be there all their life. Someday the metabolism will start to slow down and weight to pack on them. And not being used to workout is a bitch to get used to at the beginning.



Only dieting:

  • -Strong points: keeping your waistline by dieting will ensure a healthy nutrition and your body will be grateful.
  • -Weak points: if you never get the opportunity to indulge any eating craving what is the point in living. Besides, a lack of movement will make you metabolism slow that will lead to a greater chance of getting fat the moment it eats something. Any kind of workout will benefit them.

Only physical activity:

  • -Strong points: movement and workout are the best thing you can do for a good health.
  • -Weak points: not so healthy eating habits and food eaten in big quantities. It has been demonstrated scientifically that by reducing the number of calories absorbed daily you can prolong your life expectancy. Well at least for rats that is the situation.

Physical activity and dieting

  • -Strong points: equilibrium! This is the best way to live a healthy life. It is the perfect equilibrium between movement and a healthy nutrition.
  • -Weak points: there are no weak points. The only thing that might be done is increasing the number of minutes dedicated to cardiovascular exercises.

What do you do to stay fit?

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