Why you should get a personal fitness trainer

April 17, 2009

Health & Motivation

Don’t imagine that a personal fitness trainer is a luxury that can be afforded only by rich people. Being a personal trainer at a serious gym isn’t a easy job. You can’t become a personal fitness trainer only by following a short seminar. A good personal trainer will talk with you and evaluate you at the beginning of the first time you start working out. He will ask you what you want to achieve and what is your personal lifestyle. What type of physical exercise you need to do and what kind of physical exercises you like to do. Also with your personal fitness trainer you can talk about starting a diet if you need one.

In short the purpose of the personal trainer is that of helping you reach your fitness goals. The personal fitness trainer will help you choose the right exercises to do in concordance to your needs. He will stay near you while you do the exercises and will make sure you do them right and in sufficient repetitions. A good trainer will explain to you what muscles are worked at each workout machine so you know why you are working there.


Also the personal trainer will follow your evolution and will point out the right moment to change your diet and type of workout. That way you will get top results. In other words he won’t let you slack off.

Another important argument in the favor of having a personal fitness trainer is your health. If you have back problems, with your joints or other health issues, there are physical activities that should be avoided. A professional personal trainer has anatomy studies and knows what physical exercises to indicate for you. All you have to do is give him all the details.

Finally the most important gain of having a personal fitness trainer is motivation. The personal trainer won’t let you give up and will encourage you. He will be there besides you until you will carry out all the physical exercises to a good end.

Most of the good gyms put at the disposition of their clients personal trainers that will show them how the workout machines function. They will coach you and teach you how to do the exercise correctly. But not at each gym there will be an initial and final evaluation to evaluate the results.

How to have a good relation with your personal fitness trainer:

-Be friendly: The purpose of your personal coach is to help you. He will indicate problems and solutions to help you out not to belittle you.

-Be open: Tell your personal trainer all the necessary details to help him help you. That way you will get a good initial evaluation and a good final evaluation. Tell him everything.

-Trust him: The job of the personal fitness trainer is to treat everybody coming to the gym the same with the same respect, skinny and fat alike. It’s a job.

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