Weight Loss Motivation Tips: get motivation for weight loss

Losing weight isn’t that hard. All you have to do is go on a healthy diet and exercise. The problem is usually the lack of motivation, not the lack of good effective weight loss solutions. You have to get enough weight loss motivation and keep it over time if you are to succeed and shed all those unwanted extra pounds.

The best way to get motivation for weight loss is to imagine yourself at your ideal weight. How would you look, how would you feel. Create a clear and complete picture of your future slimmer life. Make it as rich and appealing as possible.

Any time you feel your weight loss motivation slipping bring into your mind the image of your slimmer life. Create movies in your mind of how your life would be once you are thinner. Enjoy your future body so that you will be able to drawn more motivation for the present moment.

Another thing you can do is write down your ideal weight and your ideal day once you have reached it. How will you enjoy your new body? What can you do that you can’t do now once you are fit. Write it all down. Once a week make sure you reread what you wrote and add more if you feel like it.

Setting weight loss goals is wonderful, but setting rewards linked to those goals is even more enticing. Create a list of weight loss goals. To each of those goals attach a reward. Make it something thrilling and exciting. Make the rewards special so that you will crave satisfying your desire for them. If you have wanted to do something for a long time, you can set it as a reward for a bigger goal. For smaller goals create smaller rewards. For example, you can eat 1 slice of cake if you keep to your diet rules for 1 whole week. If you succeed enjoy your slice of cake.

To get the maximum weight loss motivation make sure that the rewards are meaningful for you. Don’t choose a reward only because someone says you should do it. You should choose the rewards because you are the one who will bring the goal to life. So it better motivate you.

You can also motivate yourself by taking your current overweight situation and blowing it out of proportion. This trick works better for some, not for all folks. Think about how miserable your life will be in the future if you keep gaining weight. Think about the piling of health issues, decrease mobility and ever increasing bills you must pay. Think about how much worst your situation will get if you don’t start doing something about it. Place that image behind you so it will motivate you to go towards your ideal body weight picture of yourself.

There are many more motivation tricks for weight loss but these I have found to be the most powerful of them all. If you know any other weight loss motivation tips please share them in the comments below. I wish you all the motivation in the world so that you will get to have your much desired hot body.

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