Eat Less Food to Be Healthier and Happier

Feed sparingly and defy the physician.~James Howell

You need to eat to survive, but you don’t have to eat excessive amounts of food. Like anything else, too much food is bad for you. Especially for your health. If you aren’t a serial dieter, I bet you are overeating at each and every meal you have during the day. Nothing to be ashamed of, I do it too.

A long time ago I was an eating machine. Any food in a 10 feet radius around me was in severe danger of getting eaten in a very barbaric manner. Eating was my hobby, my life. I know now that was a bad choice for a hobby, but hey I was young and naïve.

Eventually I realized how much food was hurting me. My health was getting worse and worse with each passing year, even if I was very young. At the time I was 16. I should have been at a peak physical condition with an iron health. Instead I hated going up a flight of stairs because it made me sweat and I had to catch my breath at the end. Walking too much was painful, my knees and feet hurting because of all the weight they had to carry.

All the health problems plus the desire to have a hot girlfriend got me motivated to lose weight. The first thing I did was to eat a lot less food. I won’t lie to you, I did exercise but nothing impressive like doing hundreds of push-ups or something like that. Walking was my exercise at first.

Amazingly enough the less food I ate the better I felt. My energy level increased, which was a surprise and the fat started to come off. By losing weight I finally became a normal teenager. Still a little overweight, but in great physical shape and very healthy.

The amount of food that I eat to this day is just a fraction of what I used to eat. Me and my brother still joke from time to time about how much food we used to eat. Nowadays we have to struggle to fit into our stomachs just half of the food we used to eat while eating out. Going to our favorite restaurants is always funny because we tease each other about finishing the huge stake we get or the extra large pizza . Just as we used to.

From my personal experience it is possible to live happily and thrive on a lot less food. Try cutting down your serving size each week and see how much less food you can eat each day without feeling hungry. You will be surprised and your health will be improved. Plus you get to spend a lot less money on food and doctors.

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