How to set fitness goals to ensure your success

April 15, 2009

Health & Motivation

It is said that to succeed you always must set a goal. If it’s true for a career why wouldn’t it be true when it comes to working out.

A fitness goal must be in the following order:

Realizable: If your purpose is to lose weight, let’s say 40 pounds, or to lose 4 sizes from your cloths, you will get discouraged from the first workout week. When you will see that you have only lost 1 pound and the cloths size is the same, your motivation will take a huge punch. In the case that you what to achieve major results it is recommended to establish smaller goals that you adjust and change along the way. You should workout having baby steps goals towards a bigger goal.


Exact: A good fitness goal is one that is clear and measurable. It doesn’t mean “ I will lose weight” but “I will lose X pounds by Y date.” Not “I what to be stronger” but “I want to be able to lift 50 pounds” or “ I want to be able to run for 1 hour non-stop”. If you don’t have an exact objective how will you know when you have reached it?

Programmable: After you have set a goal you have to schedule all the steps that needs to be made to reach it. Put it on paper, in writing, like a business plan. And stick to the plan, and don’t make it just to do it. Write the plan with the purpose of getting your goal as fast and as easy as possible.

These are the characteristics of a good set goal that will make it much more likely to achieve it. I wish you luck in getting a healthier life and a slimmer waist.

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