11 Relaxation Tips To Help You Enjoy Life More

January 26, 2010

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  1. Use bath foam! Give yourself a bubble bath, it’s perfect for relaxation. Climb into the tub; relax your body without any precipitated motions, try to ignore your problems and enjoy every moment spent in the bath tub. It’s the best remedy against stress and fatigue.
  2. Breathe deeply! Good breathing relaxes the central nervous system and re-balances your energy levels. Before you wash-up do a balanced number of respiratory exercises. Stay in front of an opened window and take 10 open mouthed deep breathes.
  3. Take tonic showers!-Revitalizing showers are taken with warm water. Get a tonic shower gel based on essential oils with stimulating proprieties. Instant relaxation.
  4. Massage yourself!- Use the lufa to massage vigorously. Because of the rigorous rubbing the blood flow get’s activated, stimulating all the energy centers.relaxation_tips.jpg
  5. Brush your teeth!-Don’t forget to brush after breakfast After rinsing brush again (without tooth paste) massaging the roof of your mouth and your gums (use a flexible brush). By doing this you excite the receptors in your mouth.
  6. Respect your body’s natural rhythm. Because it’s on a schedule the body is told when to eat, sleep and wake up. Watch out for short term malfunctions: the weekend for example. If you go to sleep late, you wake up late and you have breakfast and lunch at 13:00. For now it seems like a nice simple compromise but in reality it’s not the best way to schedule meals. If you do turn in late try to wake up at your usual time otherwise you’re internal clock will lag and you will be frustrated all day.
  7. Workout! Get motivated to work out. Forget the phrase “I’ll start working out tomorrow” because that tomorrow will never come. The best solution to stop postponing is entering swimming, tennis, gymnastics etc into your schedule, or you can wake up 5 minutes earlier than usual to do some gymnastic exercises. From case to case the results won’t be late to appear. You’ll quickly flush toxins, regain optimal muscle tone and regain your slimness.
  8. Bring the sea into your home!-it’s actually very easy to do, just buy untreated sea salt (grey) and pour it in your tub. Fill the tub with warm water (96-98 degree Kelvin). Light a candle (if available) and put on a CD with sea sounds. Get into the tub, close your eyes for 20 minutes, then you’ll have regained your optimal condition.
  9. Bet on fruit’s vitamins!-it’s a great way to stock up on vitamin C. Squeeze two oranges, a lemon and half a grapefruit, sweeten with a table spoon of honey, to get a vitamin enriched drink add a table spoon of wheat germs.
  10. Avoid stimulants of the nervous system!-Coffee, tobacco, alcohol are false friends. They do more damage than good.
  11. Vitamins and energizers!-Before treating fatigue you must first identify it. Tense, mad- take magnesium and vitamin B6; low morale- lithium’s your best bet; muscle tone down? Buy ginseng based products.

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