Causes of Overeating: 5 causes of compulsive overeating

February 2, 2010

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Who doesn’t want a slim and attractive silhouette? Some of us have a good metabolism, which gives intensify the body’s burns and not to gain weight, while others keep their figures by going to the gym and trying to keep as balanced a diet as possible. Despite all this the scale doesn’t fail to show us the results. But why is this happening and what can you do to stop it? Here are the top 5 causes of overeating and how you can put a stop to them:

1) Overeating Cause: You eat to combat stress


Sooner or later the stress you feel at work and at home will drive you to eat half a chocolate cake, to avoid this try the following.

  • Think of some ways you can avoid the stressful situations in your life. Maybe you’re overburdening yourself, if so don’t hesitate to ask others for help.
  • Whenever you feel the need apply a relaxing technique such as yoga or meditation. Take a walk, or a long bubble bath with soothing music.
  • Be active. Even a five minute walk help reduce your cortical level.

2) Overeating Cause: You’re always hungry

If you’re the type that cleans their plate every time and consoles themselves by thinking that’s how they were born, think again.

  • Say good bye to fat rich food, and replace them with whole wheat, fruit, yogurt or slim meat. These will make you feel full, plus they don’t fatten.
  • Avoid eating too much in one meal taking the “less and often” approach
  • Use a small plate, place your tableware on the table after each bite and chew slowly.

3) Overeating Cause: You can’t resist temptation

  • Distract yourself- phone a friend take a bath, listen to music, read a newspaper or if you’re on the street get away as fast as you can from the object of your temptation.
  • Eat something light and healthy like a piece of fruit .

4) Overeating Cause: You eat because it relaxes you

If you feel alone and frustrated it’s not a long shot that you might seek comfort in your refrigerator, instead try this.

  • Try to determine why you’re so fast to run towards the fridge when you’re not even hungry, and it’s impossible not to find a way to get over this state, one that doesn’t involve food.
  • When you feel like sad thought are taking hold of you take a walk, read a novel or punch a pillow as hard as you can
  • Be permissive with yourself and allow a little pampering: a long bath with scented candles and foam, a shopping session… a woman’s imagination is inexhaustible!

5) Overeating Cause: You’re not getting enough sleep

If you’re not getting enough sleep you tend to recharge you batteries by drinking coffee or by eating sweats, instead try this:

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