How to Lose Weight Without Exercise

April 13, 2011

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It is possible to lose weight without exercise, but is it worth it? Well it depends. If you like being active, adding exercise to your weight loss plan seems mandatory. On the other hand, if exercising is boring and tedious for you, exercising for weight loss might not be the best idea.

The truth is that you can lose a lot of weight just by dieting. You don’t have to do any form of exercise. No sweat required. But you have to be smart about your diet. You can’t use a plain vanilla diet and expect to lose all the excess weight. Especially if you have to lose a lot of weight.

lose-weight-wirhout-exercise.jpgRelying only on the diet for all your weight loss results, you force your diet to be a very flexible one. You see if the diet you choose to follow is a very strict one, that allows you to eat only a handful of foods, in the long run you will only get fatter.

By starving your body of the nutrients it needs, you force your body to grab and keep tight any ounce of nutrients it receives. Plus it gets ready for future periods of starvation by storing fat. And that is exactly the opposite of what you want.

A monotonous diet plan is very dangerous. Your body learns quickly what to expect and it reconfigures itself for the new situation. It will minimize the amount of calories it burns if you don’t provide it with enough food. When you binge it will store all the excess calories as fat. If you eat only the same things day in and day out soon you will become disgusted only by thinking at those foods.

To lose weight fast just by dieting you need to have a flexible diet plan. One that keeps your body guessing. Amazingly enough this type of diet plan is also the easiest to follow. It allows you to eat whatever you want from time to time, thus getting rid of all your cravings.

A good weight loss diet is like a caloric rollercoaster ride. One day you eat fewer calories, the other more, and on the average you eat less calories so you can burn fat. This gives you lots of freedom and plenty of variety while making your diet plan.

I personally like using my weekends as caloric bombs. I eat lots of high calorie foods during the weekend and lots of low calorie foods during the rest of the week. This helps me keep my metabolism on its toes and my body never enters in starvation mode. (Of course I don’t overdo it during the weekend and stuff my face like there is no tomorrow.)

The great thing about this kind of dieting is that after a while you stop feeling cravings. Oddly enough, during the weekend I crave the low calorie food. But I force myself to eat some caloric super bomb because I know I have to do it. It is what helps me lose weight continuously. Pretty cool!

In conclusion, it is possible to lose weight without exercise, but you need a really good diet. In fact you have to create your own diet based on healthy weight loss rules. That way you will lose weight fast constantly and avoid gaining it back.

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