How to Stop Diet Cravings Dead In Their Tracks

July 20, 2010

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There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable.~Mark Twain

We are all hardwired to seek out fatty or sugary foods. It seems that form an evolutionary standpoint, the person who ate the most sweet or fatty foods had the best chance of survival. Today, in an ironic situation reversal, the person that eats the most fatty sweet foods is more likely to die young.

In a sea of fatty or sweet foods it is really hard to diet. I know and you know how important it is to lose weight and maintain a normal weight. But our inborn craving for unhealthy food is strong, sometimes too strong. Some scientists even believe that it is a lot easier to ditch a drug or smoking addiction than it is to stop food cravings.

The ugly part about cravings is that the more you diet the more intense the little buggers become, until they take over and make you binge. Diet cravings are responsible for the failure of most weight loss plans. Maybe you can relate to this. You set out to lose weight, all excited and determined. After a couple of days, walking around town becomes pure torture. Unhealthy, fatty food is begging you to eat it at each corner. Eventually you give in and start binge eating. Diet cravings are hard to overcome, but not impossible.

There is a simple way to drastically reduce the influence of diet cravings on your weight loss plan. According to a study done at the University of Toronto, any forbidden food becomes a lot more appealing. The women who volunteered for the study were forbidden to eat any chocolate for 1 whole week. Once the week was over, the scientists recorded their consumption of chocolate. On average every woman ate almost double the amount of chocolate they used to eat before going on the week long chocolate fasting.

This means that any food you consciously exclude from your diet will have a magnetic pull on you. Once you finish the diet, if you get that far, you will binge on all the foods you craved while dieting. This will make you fat again in no time.

The solution for stopping diet cravings is to not have any forbidden food while dieting. Use a permissive diet plan to achieve this. All you have to do to get rid of diet cravings is to indulge them is a very special way. Estimate how much unhealthy food you are eating now (a food journal will help you pinpoint the exact amount). Once you know how much unhealthy food you eat, reduce your intake to just 25% and fill in the rest of 75% with healthy food.

By indulging your diet cravings, while at the same time eating a lot less unhealthy food, you will stop your diet craving for good, or at least minimize their impact on your diet.

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