The Only Way to Lose Weight Forever

July 20, 2010

Weight Loss Quotes

The only way to lose weight is to check it as airline baggage.~Peggy Ryan

Too bad we can’t check our fat as airline baggage. We would be sure to lose it forever. But there is another way to lose weight forever. Start exercising and keep it up for the rest of your life. A physically active person is more healthy and a lot slender than a couch potato.

Any form of movement is good as long as you are building more and more momentum. The idea is to start small, walking more, then running until you end up running in a local marathon. Maybe it sounds crazy, but if you keep improving your physical condition someday you will be fit enough to run in a marathon. It will be up to you to choose if you do so or not.

For the best weight loss results you should do a mix of strength training and cardio exercises. A good idea is to do strength training exercises one day and cardio the other day. The strength training exercises will help strengthen your muscles and increase your muscle mass. The cardio exercises will make your muscles leaner and improve your overall resistance to physical effort.

Cardio exercises are great fat burners, but they don’t beat strength training in fat burning efficiency. While doing cardio exercises you will burn lots and lots of calories, but after you stop exercising your fat burning stops too.

Strength training exercises on the other hand don’t make your body burn that many calories while working out. But once you stop exercises your body continues to burn lots of calories because it has to repair itself and build new muscles. This make strength training exercises perfect for an intense fat burning workout. Add to that that more muscles burn more calories, and you can see why strength training is essential for the success of any weight loss plan.

Exercising at least 3 times a week is a must if you want to lose weight forever. In fact it is the only way I know to lose weight forever, guaranteed. All you have to do is start moving to cash in on a lifetime of health and beauty.

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