Fast Diets: Do Lose Weight Fast Diets Really Work?

June 2, 2010

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The short answer would be yes and no. If you need to lose weight fast because you have to attend a certain party or any other social engagement, a fast weight loss diet is your best bet. It will get the job done but you won’t get to keep the results for more than brief period of time.

If you want long term weight loss results fast diets aren’t your best choice. In fact starving yourself is never the best way to lose weight. It always backfires. I have heard of a women who closed herself in her room for one whole week with only one bread and plenty of water. Now that is a drastic diet plan. That fast diet of hers worked. She looked stunning for a couple of days. Once the time was up she gained all the weight back, even a little extra.

The same trick didn’t work twice. The fat she got was so stubborn it just won’t go off her regardless what she tried. As you can see lose weight fast diets are double edged swords. They help you look stunning for the party but they sabotage your weight loss efforts in the long run. You have to take this into consideration each time you plan to use a fast diet to lose weight.

Of course not all fast diets are bad for you. There are fast diets that are healthy and actually help you lose weight forever. But finding them is pretty hard. The best way to distinguish bad fast diets from healthy fast diets is by checking out if the diet helps you change your lifestyle or not. A healthy fast diet will help you change your eating habits, your lifestyle. It will tell you what foods are healthy and which to avoid.

Unhealthy fast diets make you starve yourself to lose weight. Starving yourself is never the answer to losing weight. It always backfires in your face and makes future weight loss harder than it has to be. But they are the only way you will fit in those tight clothes for the party.

The truth of the matter is that healthy diets are fast diets because you void the yo-yo effect: losing weight and gaining weight over and over again. Healthy lose weight fast diets prevent the dieting yo-yo effect.

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