Drink Water Before Each Meal To Lose Weight

Many dieticians and nutritionists tell us to drink more water if we want to be healthy and lose weight. Well it seems that their advice is spot on. According to a recent study drinking 2 glasses of water just before eating your meal will help you reduce your caloric intake with 75 to 90 calories. This in turn will help you remain thinner.

During the study a group of women, aged between 55 and 75, were split in two. Half of them followed a low caloric diet and the other half followed the same diet with one twist. They had to drink 2 glasses of water before eating.

After 12 weeks of dieting, those that just followed the diet without drinking water lost 11 pounds while those that drank the water lost 15.5 pounds. That is quite a considerable difference considering that all they did different is drink some water.

Brenda Davy, the study author, said Drinking more water is a pretty simple strategy that may be helpful to people trying to lose weight fast. Drink more water and the body fat will melt away’. But for people who are trying to lose weight and trying to follow a low-cal diet, it’s something they can do as part of that."

What is even more interesting about the study results is the fact that those that continued to drink the water after the diet was over, maintained all the lost weight loss. They even lost and additional 1.5 pounds in fact.

The only problem with this promising finding is that it seems that young people can’t benefit from it. Older persons have a slower digestive transit, meaning that the food stays for longer in their belly. The water they drink before each meal helps them feel fuller for extended periods of time because of this. But if you are younger than 35 years old doesn’t mean that you should skip drinking water. Your body needs hydration.

Also by drinking more water you will be less inclined to drink other sugary beverages to quench your thirst. This in turn will lower even more your daily caloric intake, helping you lose more weight or maintain your current weight.

So if you want to shed weight, all you have to do is start drinking more water to cut down your caloric intake. For faster weight loss results, combine drinking 2 glasses of water with a low caloric diet. After the diet is over continue to drink the 2 glasses of water before each meal to maintain the weight loss results.

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