How to Stop Food Cravings and Resist Food Temptations

October 5, 2009

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Everybody has a certain food that they love and crave. For me it is chocolate. I love chocolate. Unfortunately usually the food you crave isn’t waistline friendly. So if you want to lose weight you have to stop eating it. This means that you have to learn how to stop food cravings and resist food temptations.

Resisting food cravings and tempting foods is a real challenge. Many of us crack in front of a much desired cookie. Some foods have more power on us than we have. This isn’t something to be proud of. You have to learn how to put an end to your food cravings and how to eat consciously.


Don’t make excuses for yourself. This will only make you indulge in your cravings for longer. There are no excuses for not eating only good healthy food. Most people invoke the lack of time as an excuse for eating lots of junk food. “I just don’t have time to cook my meals.” Does this sound familiar? This is so untrue. For sure you have the time, regardless of how demanding your job is. If you watch television for more than 30 minutes each day you have the time.

It is very easy to indulge in eating only unhealthy foods. They are super tasty, are affordable and easy to procure. Every corner seems to have a fast food stand nowadays. Here are some tips to help you stop your food cravings and to better resist food temptations:

  • Stop focusing on your desire to eat. The more you push against it the stronger it gets. A better solution is to focus on something else, something that you like doing and doesn’t involve eating.
  • Start lowering the amount of unhealthy food that you are eating and increasing the amount of healthy foods that you eat daily.
  • Before sticking something in your mouth analyze the long term effects. Is it worth it to eat a whole chocolate at one sitting?
  • Eat only when you are hungry. You shouldn’t eat just because it’s mealtime. Eat smaller meals much more frequently and don’t overeat.
  • Have designated places for eating. That way the hunger will be triggered only there instead of everywhere.
  • When you are eating focus only on eating. Don’t get distracted by watching a TV show or surfing the web.
  • While you are eating, clean out your table of all the serving plates as soon as you are done eating.
  • Eat form a smaller plate and eat slowly, chewing very well each and every bite of food.
  • Avoid letting food out in the open, where you can see it frequently. If you see food often you are much likely to eat more often than you need. Also avoid keeping fatty foods filled with calories at arm’s reach. If you can get to food without a big effort you will overindulge for sure.

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