How to eat healthy and indulge your cravings at the same time

April 8, 2009

Diets & Nutrition

Almost inevitable when we are stressed, depressed or nervous we go for food fast. We nibble all day long and after that we wonder why our cloths don’t fit us any more or why we can’t success to get on the path of healthy eating.

Our moods are closely related to the way we eat. Even if you find pressure release in sweets and bagels, the result is just momentary. But you can obtain good humor and energy eating healthy. Here are a few alternatives that can take the place of all the bad eating habits that you might still have. And also your figure will have only to benefit.

  • When you are stressed and depressed you feel the need to eat something sweet. But instead of cookies and biscuits, choose carbohydrates with a slow burning rate. These types of carbohydrates don’t pass straight in the blood flow and maintain a constant sugar level for a long time in the blood. You can eat oat flakes, expanded cereal bars, spaghetti with a light vegetable sauce, baked potatoes without butter and sour cream if you are on a diet. Also you can eat fruits like bananas, apples, strawberries, dried apricots, cherries, watermelon or pears.
  • Do you feel weak, without energy? You need proteins but don’t go gorge yourself with hamburgers and fried foods. It’s much better to eat a chicken or turkey breast steak or some fish like tuna or sardines. You can use as a side dish a raw vegetables salad which will give you lots of vitamins. If you are a vegetarian of on a fast you can replace the meat with a vegetable source of protein like soya, beans or nuts.
  • You would give one arm for a piece of chocolate. You just crave it that bad. Well eating chocolate isn’t that bad of a nutrition sin. Chocolate contains lots of magnesium that is good for the nervous system and a lot of antioxidants. But choose dark chocolate which has less sugar and without any other ingredients like peanuts or raisins. You should eat the chocolates that have a high cacao percentage, above 70%.
  • Are you tempted by fatty pastry delights. Replace them with nuts, peanuts, and almonds. Even if they have a high caloric impact they are also rich in antioxidants especially vitamin E
  • Do you feel the need to nibble on something? Don’t eat a whole bag of chips or bagels. Steer yourself to a more healthy alternative like whole wheat products or popcorn done with just a little oil. Vegetables give you a helping hand. Pick the crunchy vegetables that will satisfy your desire like carrots or cucumbers.
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