25 reasons to workout regularly and never stop

April 8, 2009

Health & Motivation

I have a friend that I have begged to come with me to the gym for a couple of months. Every night I ask the same question “So what do you say, tomorrow …”

I don’t even have to finish the sentence, and my friend knows what will follow and I can anticipate the response “I don’t think so… I don’t have time tomorrow. I am too tired. Do you thing that I want to workout after a full day of work. I don’t have the money to go to the gym, better we meet and drink something.” The reasons on the why not list are many and every day brings something new or a rehash of an old reason. Every day there are “good” reasons not to workout. So for my friend but even more for me I have compiled a list of 25 reasons why working out is great and so good for your health. All the important benefits that you get out of physical movement are in the following list:

  1. You will resist stress far better if you workout
  2. You can lose weight without following a strict diet
  3. Physical activity improves your immunity system
  4. You have a lower risk of getting a cardiovascular disease
  5. It reduces the chances of getting headaches because of stress and tension
  6. It helps you achieve a peaceful and restful sleep
  7. It improves your sexual performances and your sexual appetite. Also it increases the chances of finding a loved one. This one is great and a whole lot of fun.
  8. It reduces the risk of getting high blood pressure
  9. It increases the bone density, preventing osteoporosis when you are older
  10. it relaxes you
  11. It makes you feel more powerful and it increases self confidence.
  12. It helps you look sexy. An athletic body is much more appealing.
  13. Physical activity can lead to an improved memory
  14. Working out helps you avoid back pains form sitting at the desk and even help out with a smoother and regular bowl movements.
  15. It increases your creativity and productivity at your work regardless of what you do. That means that it will probably help you make more money and feel good while doing it
  16. It gives you a lot of energy, more than you ever thought you have. When you were a kid you were Speedy Gonzales, it’s time to regain some of that energy
  17. It helps you get a good and elegant body posture
  18. It improves the functioning of the digestive track and it reduces the chances of constipation
  19. By increasing your muscle mass you will be able to consume more calories every day, meaning that you can occasionally eat more and not get affected on the long run
  20. It make your heart function better
  21. It improves your equilibrium and physical coordination
  22. It makes you lungs work better and more efficiently
  23. It improves considerably you body’s joints flexibility
  24. Physical activity is the best antidepressant in the world. By practicing sports you stimulate the secretion of serotonin the “happiness hormone”
  25. It’s SUPER FUN

I have accentuated the last reason especially for my friend. Physical activity is fun. Also there is said that every thing that you do 3 times becomes a habit. So if you go 3 times a week and workout pretty soon it will become a habit and you will benefit from it a lot as you can see.

If you have more reasons to add to the list please write them in the comments below. Have a great time working out.

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