How to get rid of the pot belly and the 6 rules for a perfect abdomen

The low cut jeans are out of fashion but the flat abdomen is still in even if modern fashion doesn’t display it anymore. Also in the summer a six pack abs are always sexy with a little tan.

Well sculpted abdominal muscles don’t just look great but also help you achieve a good posture, avoid back pain when you lift a heavy weight and especially reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases or diabetes. After all the most dangerous body shape is the apple one with all the fat stored around the waist line.

So our purpose is to sculpt the perfect waist line. Let’s get to work. Many of the readers might have left this article by now thinking they must do hundreds of abdominal crunches every day. That’s not a bad idea but you have to know that in the process of getting a flat abdomen the right diet plays as an important role as fitness, even more so in some cases.

6 rules for a perfect abdomen

Eat more fibers – Fibers are the non-digestive parts of fruits, vegetables and cereals. Fibers give the impression of having eaten enough and quicken the digestive process. So you should eat vegetables, fruits with a peal, bread and whole cereals. That way you will avoid digestive problems.

Good carbohydrates – Take care and eat a reasonable quantity of good carbohydrates. They are also found in fruits, vegetables and cereals. Carbohydrates should make up 45% to 65% of your daily menu. If you eat to little or to much carbohydrates you will have problems with water retention and bloating. Don’t consume to much calories. You should eat with at least 250 less calories then you need to maintain your current weight. Otherwise your metabolism will slow down.

Hydration – Many feel that drinking a lot of water will make them bloat. In fact water purifies the body of sodium, the culprit for making you feel bloated. You have to drink at least 8 cups of water every day. If you can drink teas and plain water. Stay away from coca cola like juices filled with sodium. Also avoid coffee that dehydrates you instead of hydrating you.

Aerobic – Only after 20 minutes of aerobic exercises your body starts to use its fat reserves for energy. Aerobic or cardio exercises mean any physical activity that raises the heart rate and keep it up. In this category you can include jogging, bicycling, the stepper even dancing. But don’t overdo it. If you like jogging you should be able to have a conversation with someone while running. Don’t lose your breath. The cardio workouts are the only ones that help you lose weight. The exercises dedicated to strengthen your muscles will help you better define you abdomen. But great looking muscles covered by a thick layer of fat aren’t that good.

Fitness – Well we finally reached the workout mattress. You have to create for yourself a workout that will work all your abdominal muscles, the lower, upper and the muscles form the side of you abdomen. Don’t forget to breath in when you relax the muscles an breath out when you tighten them.

Massage – Finally for a firm abdomen you have to have a firm skin. You should massage your abdomen every day with a hydrating and anti-cellulite product.

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