Daniel Radcliffe’s Diet: Maintaining One’s Glucose Level

March 31, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

For portraying the role of boy wizard Harry Potter in the highly successful film adaptation of J.K. Rowling‘s bestselling novel, Daniel Radcliffe became an overnight sensation, and has become one of this generation’s most influential teen stars. His rose in prominence gave way for other star-making turns in movies including December Boys, The Woman in Black, and The Journey is the Destination. Here, the 5 foot 6 English actor shares his secrets for finding the time to maintain his muscular physique even under the spotlight.

Daniel-Radcliffe.jpgDaniel Radcliffe’s diet is the low glycemic index diet wherein the diet’s principles involve balancing the blood glucose levels within the body.

Dieters try to avoid foods that are high in GI since it can quickly raise the blood glucose levels that can easily make the person get hungry and want to eat more and make losing weight a harder process.

Daniel Radcliffe’s diet can help him lose weight since he will need to eat low GI foods making him feel less hungry plus he is able to control his cravings through satisfying his own body.

With this diet, the want to eat snacks or to overindulge on something is reduced leading to less caloric intake and control over one’s weight.

The basic rules of the low GI diet plan involve the following:

reduction of the consumption of concentrated sugars and starches; exchange of highly refined flour products for grain products; consuming whole grains like brown rice, buckwheat and quinoa; and increase intake of and beans, nuts and seeds and a lot of vegetables and fruits.

There are actually no foods that should be avoided with this kind of diet, but it is highly advised that one must eat more low GI foods that high GI foods.

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