How to Stop Food Cravings that Struck You at Night

February 22, 2010

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Here are 7 tips to help you stop food cravings that come crawling late at night:

1. Do not skip the main meals during the day! Most people who face food cravings at night are those who do not eat balanced during the day or "jump" over any of the main meals. This is the main cause of food cravings.
2. Try to have dinner in the kitchen or in the dining room. Don’t take food in the bedroom.
3. Drink a lot of raspberry iced tea, but do not add sugar. It tastes extraordinary and we will cure you of the desire to eat during the night.
4. Change your program at night, trying to finish what you have to do during the day. Find something relaxing to do in the evening, to keep you busy until bedtime.
5. If you are eating because you are stressed, try to discover what pushes you to do so. Try to find a "non-food" solution to control your stress.
6. Put a note on the refrigerator door specifying “Closed after Dinner”.
7. Brush your teeth right after you finished eating to remind you that you are not allowed to eat at night.
8. Focus only on food, avoiding any other activity whilst eating. That means no reading, no watching TV and do not stand in front of the computer.
9. Excessive consumption of food during the night does not necessarily cause weight gain. What matters is the calories you took in not when you took them in.

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