The Atkins Diet: lose weight using the Atkins diet plan

January 15, 2010

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The Atkins diet helps you control your body weight and live a healthy life Dr. Atkins’s goals are:
• Losing weight;
• Increasing energy levels;
• Maintaining the desired weight;
• Decreased insulin production;
• Reducing risk in heart diseases, hypertension and diabetes;
• Improving general state.

The Atkins diet follow-up can stabilize your blood sugar, may decrease cholesterol and triglycerides, for it is specially conceived for every person taking into consideration their medical problems. Unlike many other diets, the Atkins program allows you to eat your favorite food, healthy and consistent food, while taking into account your needs and preferences. For example a one day regime can look like this:
• Breakfast: turkey and mushrooms omelet;
• Lunch: mediterranean salad with chicken;
• Dinner: fried salmon and broccoli with olive oil.

Beef, lobster with butter, eggs with ham, cheese, coffee with cream… You do not have to give all of this up during a diet and, by following this program, you can lose the unwanted pounds for good, without the fear that you will start gaining in weight when you start eating normal again, say the ones at “Atkins Health and Medical Information Services". The secret lies only in the close checking of the fazes of the program:
• Induction faze (aspiration)
• Losing weight
• Pre- maintaining weight
• Maintaining the weight off for the rest of your life


No calories counting, the Atkins diet plan is based on maintaining a certain level of carbohydrates in the organism. It seems that the main responsible for obesity are white sugars and white flour.

Doctor Robert Atkins became known in the field of weight loss diets that work in 1972, when he published his Bestseller, "Diet Revolution". Despite the acute critics that were given to him, his plan not only survived. It flourished. The studies have shown that the persons that followed Atkins philosophy managed to loose between 12 and 40 pounds in just two weeks. And during the diet managed to eat a variety of food that other diets cut from their program.

A lot of people make the mistake of eating a lot of meat during a diet, without knowing that fresh fish, poultry, vegetables, fruits, cheese and grain are also very consistent.

The interesting thing about the Atkins diet plan is that you can eat at the restaurant anytime and without fear. You will not have to count your calories, but your carbohydrates and you will discover that you can eat a variety of food without being stressed of what you have in your plate.

The appetite of the ones that follow the Atkins diet is under control. They lose weight fast only by giving up sweets and carbohydrates. The energy level is up because the high oscillation of sugar in the blood is avoided, oscillations that are found when large amounts of carbohydrates are consumed. The whole metabolism is changed. First of all you will lose the big mass of fat, and the rest fit better on the body.

Do not think you will have to avoid carbohydrates all your life. They aren’t all the same and the program will help you avoid only the unhealthy carbohydrates (the food made out of flour and white sugar) and replace them with healthy ones (some fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts).

It is the most direct system to burn fats. When the organism doesn’t have enough carbohydrates to produce energy, it searches for fuel in itss fat reserves; in other words fats will not get in the blood stream and then in the cells. Thanks to this, the Atkins diet decreases the risk of heart diseases and diabetes.

This nutrition program was conceived for overweight persons, inactive physical and that need to control their carbohydrate consume, so that they get rid of the fat deposits through burning and transforming them into energy.

During the diet you should be watched by a nutritionist through the four phases so that you have the best results. The first phase, the induction phase, it is the most restrictive in limiting carbohydrates consume (no fruits, nuts or seeds in the first two weeks); you will add these healthy carbohydrates only in the weight maintaining stage. The Atkins diet plan is specially addressed to people that want to control their weight on a long-term bases. You will permanently be informed on the best choices and the best food while on the Atkins diet.

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